Jack the Ripper Museum, London

For more information and tickets, visit the museum’s website here.

Having not really been anywhere in the last 18 months, I took myself on a day trip to London. I wanted to visit some small museums that I had not done before and after reading Hallie Rubenhold’s, The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper, I decided to visit the Jack the Ripper Museum.

As with most museums, you have to book an advanced ticket. I booked an early slot, 10am. However, I had a short wait to enter as the staff member opening the museum was stuck in traffic. This is no detriment to the museum, and things like this can not be helped. However, the museum is not in the best area, and I was approached by a homeless woman several times, who was friendly enough, but I was alone and did feel a little uneasy. There were no parks or benches nearby to sit and wait, and it was not ideal standing around on the street. If you are going to visit, maybe book a ticket for at least 10.30 to allow for the museum to open.

The museum was quiet, I was the only person looking around until some more people arrived about 15 minutes into my visit.

There is a small shop selling books and souvenirs.

The museum is very informative with lots to see and read and over all, I really enjoyed it. Below are some pictures taken using my iPhone and also a video, also taken on my iPhone, for those who can not visit in person.

Thanks for reading.




Photographer and like to try stuff out.

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Elizabeth Iris

Elizabeth Iris

Photographer and like to try stuff out.

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