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In 1995, the beautiful area of North Wales was shaken when a series of brutal murders took place.

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On August 22, 1985, Steven Benson, aged just 33, was arrested for murdering his mother, Margaret and his brother Scott, and attempting to kill his sister, Carol-Lynn.

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It entertained royalty, and was once the largest privately owned home in the country, possessing the longest façade of any house in Europe. However, Wentworth Woodhouse is relatively unknown.

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The Family Fortune

Below are a selection of old prison and courthouse buildings that have been renovated into hotels.

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Malmaison Oxford, UK

Bodmin Jail Hotel, UK

Should the marbles be returned to their rightful home in Greece, or should they remain at the British Museum?

Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 3 December 2005.

In 1976, a high profile, tragic murder case shook the small mountain town.

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It may be cheap, but the impact of the rise of fast fashion has devastating global consequences.

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Elizabeth Iris

Elizabeth has an MA in heritage studies and a BA in American history.

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